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Scintilla Digital Academy, one of the reliable After Effects institutes in Hyderabad, delivers high quality training in After Effects. The comprehensive course in After Effects prepares you for a career in the lucrative TV and film industry in India, within in a short span. The experienced faculty team at one of the sought-after After Effects training centers in Hyderabad enables you to combine practical skills for creating visual effects for all media – from film and video post-production to TV commercials and websites.

Located in the heart of the city- at Ameerpet, the top After Effects training institute in Hyderabad offers job oriented, professional short term courses. Scintilla Digital Academy aims to develop thorough professionals at the hands of renowned media film makers who teach the essence while making aware of fine nuances of this world-class digital motion graphics software. So stop searching, there’s no better After Effects training institute in Hyderabad than Scintilla Digital Academy.

Adobe After Effects is digital motion graphics and composting software. Its main purpose is for film and video post-production. Adobe After Effects is mainly used to create visual effects for commercials and movies
but you can also create image slide-shows, some small videos, transition effects for websites and stuff like that.

1. Starting a project
 The Composition windows
 Using the project window
 Working with layers over time
 Animating layers independently
 Designing backgrounds from scratch
 Using Bezier motion paths
Applying effects to filters

2. Importing footage
 Importing layers from Photoshop
 Using Alpha channels
 Looping video footage
 Drafting a project
 Interpreting footage

3. Working with layers
 Different layer masking techniques
 Creating animated Bezier mattes
 Exposing elements of your last project
 Trimming and moving layers
 Changing playback speed
 Changing playback direction
Working with Shape layers
Using Brainstrom to experiment and refine designs

4. Working with text
 Customizing text presents
 Animating text
 Antialised text
 Using text layers

5. Working with key frames
 Animating graphic elements
 Precisely controlling animations
 Synchronizing actions

6. Parent/child relationships
 Working with the z-axis
 Trimming layers

7. Compilling your project
 Optimising project settings
 Rendering the composition

8. Introducing to using mattes
 Using color keys
 Making layers react interactively
 Working with multiple effects
 Using paths in After Effects
 Using adjustment layers
 Using the key light keyer

9. Filters and transitions
An in-depth look at After Effects filters including:
 Creating drop shadows
 Perspective filters
 Using texturise
 Setting mattes
 Bevelling the Alpha channel
 Bvelling edges of rectangular objects
 An in-depth look at transitions
 Using the Comp window
 Creating text effects
 Animating text

10. More about key frames
 Further principles of key framing
 Copying and pasting key frames
 Key frame assistants
 Time reverse key framing
 Simultaneously editing multiple key frames

11. Finalizing your project
 Using the pen tool to edit the value graph
 Issues involved in interpolation methods
 Precise control over velocity
 Controlling speed of change
 Nesting complecx compositions
 Mixing interpolation methods

12. Linear and Bezier interpolation
 Previewing in wire frame
 Using audio effects

13. Final rendering
 Creating custom rendering templates
 Setting field rendering order
 Creating PDF video files

14. Saving your work
 For film, video, mobile devices and the web using device central