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Apple Motion is a very powerful and extraordinarily flexible animation program for adding animation to videos. Apple Motion is a high-performance motion graphic design and production application. It is the only motion graphics program to provide real-time previews, procedural behavioral animation and Final Cut HD integration. This course is designed to help you understand and work with basic through advanced concepts and features of Motion.

Features of Motion include the ability to create custom particle effects (as well as using pre-built ones) and to add filters, effects and animations in real time. Motion has the ability to address up to 32 GB of RAM and GPU acceleration at 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit float color depths. Motion 2 can also integrate with a MIDI keyboard, so that parameters can be controlled by keys or faders; this opens up the possibility real time parameter input into Motion. In addition Motion 3 now allows for complete 2D and 3D compositing in a multiplane environment.

The Replicator and Particle Emitters
The H.U.D.
Anchor point – each object has an ‘anchor point’ that acts as the centre of rotation or enlargement.
Shear mapping
Drop shadow
Four Corner, which changes the perspective of objects.
Bézier curve adjustment
Rectangle, ellipse, Bézier curve and B-spline creation tools.
The text tool.

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